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The Rise Of Multi-Functional Spaces In The Home

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In the wake of the global pandemic, the landscape of our homes has undergone a transformative shift, leaving an indelible mark on the way we live and work. The rooms in our homes are working harder than ever to meet the demands of life, where space is a cherished commodity. Read on to learn more about the rise of multi-functional spaces in the modern home…

The Rise Of Multi-Functional Spaces In The Home

Whilst the global pandemic is thankfully a distant memory, the lingering impact of strict stay-at-home orders which lead to a rapid rise in the number of people working from home, means that many previously office-based employees remain working entirely from home, or continue to work from home at least a few days per month.

"Trend towards dining rooms no longer existing solely for the purpose of dining, third and fourth bedrooms pulling double duty as home offices"

Whilst working from home evokes different responses from people depending on their family and home circumstances, their role and the industry they work in and even on their personality and preferences, one thing is clear, UK homes have adapted to provide more flexible spaces, often leading to areas within the home being used for multiple different purposes.

A quick look at the floor plans and the enticing photos of new build show home interiors, reveals a trend towards dining rooms no longer existing solely for the purpose of dining, third and fourth bedrooms pulling double duty as home offices and even hallways are seeing a trend towards the inclusion of small office areas that can be used for homework or occasional work from home purposes.

This shift is not merely a stylistic choice; it's one of practicality, a response to the intrinsic challenge posed by the size constraints of the average UK home. Extra rooms are often a rarity and those we do have are usually already assigned a specific purpose.

Consider new-build estates in particular and there you’ll see a trend in the more affordable homes below the £300k price point in particular, not coming with a garage and having a combined kitchen and dining room. Even some relatively large 4-bedroom homes don’t have the luxury of a utility room or hallway.

Upstairs things don’t get much better, with even main bedrooms often not large enough to accommodate fitted wardrobes and miniscule bathrooms that barely fit the basics in.

Add to this the fact that new homes are packed into increasingly tiny plots with little garden space and very little scope for even modest extension, and it’s easy to understand why the rooms in our homes are working harder than ever. Space inside and out, really is at a premium!

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Modern home trends

Key Multi-Functional Space Trends

Furniture that serves multiple purposes

We’re seeing a comeback of furniture pieces like the folding writing bureau and folding desks as well as the use of large room dividers and bookcases to effectively create different zones within a single room.

Small desks in unusual places

Whilst a very small desk paired with a folding chair probably isn’t hugely practical for full-time working from home, where space is at a premium, we’re seeing large hallways, landings and open under-stair nooks which could otherwise be regarded as somewhat wasted space, being transformed into micro office and gaming areas.

Home office upgrades

For those homes with an existing dedicated study, we’re seeing more time and attention being placed on those rooms as they receive more use. From bespoke cabinetry to maximise space to the upgrading of lighting and chairs, the humble home study is now a much sought-after space.

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Spare room creativity

From a home office to a gym, craft rooms to music studios, spare rooms are increasingly being used for multiple purposes. In many UK homes, the days of having one or more rooms used rarely and solely by guests staying over are long gone, and instead, rooms are evolving into more useful, flexible spaces.

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