Equity Transfer

If you want to change the legal ownership of a property, the legal process for doing so is known as a transfer of equity. It's essential that you get expert legal advice when transferring equity as it can result in a notable change in circumstances for you and anyone else involved.

Property Transfers happen for a whole range of reasons, including:

  • Cohabitation arrangements have changed or ended (i.e. in the case of divorce)
    Court order
  • Property is being gifted
  • Transfer of property between family members
  • When a Trust is formed

Whatever the reason, our expert conveyancing partners can assist with your transaction to ensure that you are correctly advised and represented. We've helped many clients with property transfers and our partners have the expertise to assist you with completing the process quickly and with ease.

A bespoke quote will be tailored depending on the reason for your Transfer as sometimes a Transfer can attract Stamp Duty and we will be able to provide your quote over the phone or via email once we have a better understanding of the circumstances.

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