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How Important Is Kerb Appeal & How Can You Improve It?

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People tend to make snap judgments based on first impressions which means when they pull up outside of a property they have arrived to view, they’ll form an almost instant opinion about what they see. So how can you make sure your property makes a great first impression on potential buyers?

Importance of kerb appeal

Research states that it takes just one-tenth of a second to form an opinion and once formed, that first impression can be more difficult to shake.

Prospective buyers will be looking for reassurances that the property they are considering has been loved and well looked after, so they will be primed to look for clues that reveal whether a property has been cared for or not and making a good first impression means you’ll be fighting less of an uphill battle as the viewing progresses.

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 When we have spent time living in one place there can be imperfections that we no longer see. No one expects a home to be absolutely perfect unless it’s undergone a recent major refurbishment that is, but knowing a property is neat, tidy and in a good state of repair will ensure buyers feel more at ease and respond in a more positive way.

To get into the mindset of a prospective buyer, try and see your home with fresh eyes.

Take a look outside the front of your property and imagine you’re seeing it for the first time and be as brutal as possible in your analysis! Take a look at how it compares to your immediate neighbours. Does it compare favourably? If not, how can you improve that perception?

Making a good first impression property selling tips

A few things to consider that will impact first impressions of a property

How easy is it to park?

If parking is on the road, will the viewers be easily able to find a space? Even if you have a double driveway, could you move your car(s) to make space for them when they arrive? Little thoughtful touches like this help to ensure nothing about viewing your property will leave a bad taste in perspective buyers' mouths.

How does the frontage of your home compare to your neighbours?

If you feel your home doesn’t make quite a good first impression as your neighbours, think about inexpensive ways to improve it and make it look more welcoming. This could include a freshly planted hanging basket, weeding and a tidy up or adding some tubs of seasonal planted flowers to add some colour and cheer.

Is the front garden or yard overgrown or messy?

If so, give it a bit of a tidy up. No one wants to pull up outside a house that looks messy and unloved. Weeding and mowing the lawn might only take a few hours but could be extremely impactful in terms of generating a positive first impression of your home.

Windows and shutters

Clean and well-maintained windows contribute to a fresh and cared-for appearance. If your property has shutters, ensure they are properly aligned and in good condition. Making sure that your windows are clean is a practical tip too, as it ensures your rooms will let in the maximum possible amount of daylight, helping rooms feel brighter and more welcoming as a result.

How inviting is your front door?

Is your front door clean and gleaming with polished door furniture and a clear house number to make it not only inviting but also easy to identify? How about perking it up with a fresh lick of paint, new door furniture or a seasonal decorative wreath?

Are there any leaks you need to fix?

Of course, on a bright and dry day leaky gutters can be easily hidden, but on dull rainy days, arriving at a property and seeing overflowing or leaky gutters can be a real red flag to potential buyers.

How do your path and driveway look?

Over time paths can become discoloured and covered in moss, whilst weeds have an annoying way of popping up everywhere, even in the corners of your driveway or between paving slabs, so make sure you’ve fully weeded your path and driveway before viewings commence.

How well lit is the front of your property?

This isn’t so much of an issue in summer as evening late evening viewings can be conducted in daylight, but come winter when it’s dark by 4pm, any evening viewings conducted mean buyers will be arriving in the dark, so ensuring you have sufficient outdoor lighting will give a much better first impression.

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