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Tips For Choosing The Best Conveyancing Service Provider

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A crucial part of the moving process is choosing the right conveyancer. Read on to see some of the things to consider and look out for that will help you choose the best conveyancer for your needs...

Online conveyancing tips

Easy Tips To Help You Choose The Best Conveyancing Service

1. Accreditations

Perhaps the most important tip is to check on any accreditations that your conveyancer has. You'll also want to ensure they are regulated by the appropriate governing bodies, like the Law Society, SRA and/or RICS.

Accreditation is a good indicator of professionalism and adherence to strict standards of practice. Working with an accredited conveyancer offers peace of mind, knowing that they are fully qualified and accountable.

2. Experience

Working with an experienced conveyancing service means you're much less likely to encounter a situation that they've not come across before. The process can be held up for any number of reasons, so having a conveyancer that's 'been there and done that' can help you get through the process as efficiently as possible.

Make sure you choose a conveyancing company with a strong track record; they'll be able to easily navigate any potential challenges whilst providing the highest possible level of service.

3. Transparency

No one wants to use a service that has lots of complicated clauses, terms and conditions. Transparent pricing and providing a clear understanding of the service they'll provide is crucial, but it's not always a given!

We provide buyers and sellers with fast online quotes for our services, clear FAQs with answers to many commonly asked questions about conveyancing, and we even provide a pledge which states "We will provide you with a friendly and efficient online conveyancing service, offered for a fixed fee, with absolutely no hidden extras at the end."

4. Recommendations

Take some time to research and read reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Independent online review platforms are best with Google Reviews, Trustpilot etc. providing valuable clues into what a business is really like from the people that know best, their customers!

Many businesses will have their own reviews and testimonials showing on their website, but it's best to always look for third-party independent reviews that are likely to be most trustworthy.

Don't panic if you do see a handful of poorer reviews, take a look at whether the company has responded as this can be a great indicator of their customer service. Also consider good old word of mouth, with personal recommendations often carrying significant weight, helping you to find a reliable conveyancer.

You can take a look at our own Google Reviews here or take a look at our TrustPilot reviews.


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