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Surprising moving Hacks You Might Not Have Thought Of

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There are countless pearls of wisdom passed down when it comes to moving home, from practical tips like making sure you declutter first so you aren't wasting time and energy moving belongings you don't want or need through to how to settle into your new home fast.

We've all got our own tried and tested packing and moving methods, but every now and again you come across a tip you've never heard of before that turns out to be really useful, so we thought we'd collate an article containing a few of the very best moving hacks that you might not be aware of that might just help you when it's time to move.

Surprising moving hacks that work

Surprising Moving Hacks That Actually Work

1. Vaccum Pack Soft Squishy Things

You might have used vacuum pack bags to help reduce space when storing clothes in the attic or when packing for a holiday, but you can also use this hack to cut down on volume and space when you're moving.

Anything that's soft and squishy is ideal for vacuum packing, so think of clothing, plush characters and teddies, blankets, bed linen, towels and even cushions and pillows.

2. Pack Glasswear Inside Socks

No we haven't gone mad, but this one actually works! Of course, you'll definitely want to make sure the socks are clean first and you'll probably want to pop your glasses into the dishwasher after you've unpacked, but this is a great way of protecting stemmed glasses and cutting down on packaging when you move home.

Thick socks work best (think big fluffy bed socks and nicely padded sports or hiking socks, that type of thing) but you can pop socks inside, around and even push glasses all the way inside socks to help protect them during your move.

3. Pack Heavy Things Inside Suitcases

Wheeled suitcases are the ideal place to store heavy items like books. Not only can you fit an awful lot of books into the average 22Kg capacity suitcase, but the wheels mean the full case will then be easy to move around too!

4. Use Sheets, Blankets & Clothing As Packaging

Packing similar things together in the same boxes usually makes life easier and means you won't spend days hunting for things you're looking for after your move, but in some instances, mixing things up a bit can make more sense.

Buying bubble wrap and other packaging supplies prior to your move can be costly and of course, has an impact on the environment, so instead, turn to the things you already have in your home that can double up as packaging.

Towels are ideal for wrapping ornaments and other delicate items in whilst sheets and pillowcases can be used to line boxes, providing the contents with some cushioning and protection.

5. Pad Out Boxes With Pillows Or Cushions

We've all had boxes delivered that use those little plastic air bladders that provide added protection to the contents of the box. Not only does this provide cushioning, but it also fills empty space inside boxes. This helps to minimise movement of the contents inside the box during transit which can help to stop any damage from occurring.

You can achieve a similar thing by using cushions and pillows as padding. Pop one in the bottom of a box to absorb impact, pop another at the top of the box (if you have space!) and fold up and use them to eliminate empty space in boxes that contain breakable items.

6. Pack Jewellery In Freezer Bags

This might seem a little odd, but bear with us. Ziplock or press-to-seal freezer and food storage bags are ideal for storing all sorts of things when you move. Jewellery is easily damaged and lost, so keep small items together by packing them into ziplock food storage bags.

You can also use this type of bag for keeping things like remote controls, keys and other small items together that you're not going to want to lose in the move.

For more ideas, check out 10 Easy Tips to Help You Pack Ready For Your Move and if you're moving in the summer, check out our Handy Hot Weather Moving Tips.

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