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Reasons To Consider A Home Garden Office

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Many of us have spent the global pandemic working from home and with some of us still working remotely, we're all aware of how tough it can be trying to separate work and homelife, could utilising your garden to create a separate working space be the answer?

Whilst not all of us have a garden large enough to accommodate a garden office, for those that do have a good-sized garden, or existing outbuildings that could be converted, these are some reasons to consider a home garden office.

Home office room

Improved Work/Life Separation

Even if you have a great home office setup, don't underestimate the benefits of removing yourself from the home. Even a short walk to the bottom of the garden can help you to separate home from work life.

The small amount of separation can help you leave work-related stress on your desk, and likewise, if you have kids or other distractions at

Practical Multifunctional Space

Once you have a purpose-built, or converted garden room it can be used for a large variety of purposes. When work time is over a well-designed office can be transformed into anything you want!

Whether you have guests coming to stay, you want to create a craft room or use the room for exercise, relaxation or as a gaming zone, you'll have an extra space to use as you wish.

With clever furnishing, you'll be able to create a space that's truly flexible and can adapt to your needs.

Boosted Property Value

A great garden building can add anything from 5% to 15% to the value of your home (you can read more about adding value to your property with a garden building here) so not only are they a great, versatile addition to your home, you could find that it more than pays for itself when it's time to sell up.

With so many of us still working from home, a good home working space is highly sought after and a garden room can be used for almost anything, which means even if prospective buyers don't work from home themselves, they'll likely be able to see the potential of the space which can be adapted to serve any purpose they want.

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